The Story of Orbit Buku

Orbit Buku Sdn Bhd, established in 2010, is a subsidiary company of Sasbadi Holdings Berhad that publishes picture books, fiction, and general interest books for children and young adults. We also publish readers and other high-quality illustrated books for home as well as school libraries. Apart from these, we also bring in well-branded and quality books from international publishers by cooperating or obtaining printing rights from them.

We love books that are educational, beautiful, and well-written. Even though we are young, Sasbadi Sdn Bhd's 29 years of experience in the education publishing line has allowed us to leverage on their strength, leapfrogging ourselves ahead in our growth. With time, we will only grow stronger.

Orbit Buku Sdn Bhd’s philosophy enables us to understand and recognise the importance of cultivating one’s reading habit, especially from an early age. With a strong reading habit cultivated since young, our children will be able to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and wisdom to face future challenges and needs throughout the rest of their lives.

Orbit Buku
Thus we are committed to publishing not only quality, but relevant and suitable reading materials in order to help shape a modern and successful human capital of the future.

Our motto, "Galaksi Ilmu Anda" is a testament to our belief that great books are still the doorways to great knowledge and the ways they can impact our children's lives are limitless. Even with the advent of instant information, quality knowledge is still found in books. Our passion and dream is to bring beautiful, quality, and educational books directly to families and children. This is something we hold dear to our hearts, and we hope that you do too.


"Our dream is to bring beautiful, quality, and

educational books directly to families and children."


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